Beth's ability to write the most eye catching and entertaining pieces is unparalleled.

Tom Burgess, Reporter at Bournemouth News and Picture Service

Daniel Morgan Woodburn

News Manager at 87.7 Bailrigg FM (2019-20)

I worked with Beth at Bailrigg FM as News Manager. She was a vital part of the team and excelled at research, as well as presenting on air.

She was key in our general election coverage, where she not only helped to run a stellar second stream, which got the live reactions and opinions of the gathered crowd, but was also pivotal in making sure that we were calling out seats as fast as we physically can. Beth was a big factor in having the night run as efficiently as it did.

Beth is committed to her roles, be it helping with vox pops or scouting for stories. She always carries an air professionalism, which directly translates to the high quality of her reports. Beth is both a team player and a competent individual, she strives to make sure that she’s being as helpful as she possibly can be in any given setting, which includes taking the initiative on projects where that would help.

I cannot recommend Beth enough, she consistently produces good content and has an almost unmatched drive to pursue higher and higher goals.

Ian Sackree

Colonel at Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force and Chief Executive of Protocol

I had the pleasure to lead an organisation that benefited immensely from Elizabeth's membership and contribution over 5 years. Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force was just right for Elizabeth as it gave her the environment where she could be creative and also take some managed risks to help her develop and become the person she is currently. 

As is the Army Cadet Force way it wasn't long before Elizabeth was mentoring others and helping them grow and prosper. Elizabeth is someone with a strong values set, is highly creative and imaginative. It is no surprise whatsoever that she has been so successful in her chosen career path - it suits her perfectly!

Could someone kindly imprint Beth's poem, 'his shadow', onto my tombstone, please.

Emma Rowley, Creative Writing Department at Lancaster University

Thomas Lingard

Station Manager of 87.7 Bailrigg FM (2019-20) and Editor at Flash Literary Journal (2018-20)

I worked with Beth at BailriggFM, where she was a fantastic member of the News Team and pioneer in our early podcasting endeavours, and I currently work with her on the Flash Literary Journal, where we are both editors. 

She is a fantastically motivated and hardworking person, constantly finding new roles to fill and proactively looking for ways to do more, and alongside that she is a talented journalist and literary editor. In any position she chooses to work in, she will be a great asset that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Benji Holmes

Executive Editor at Flash Literary Journal (2019-21)

Myself and several others who've worked with or managed Beth have described her as incredibly ambitious, hardworking and collected. On several occasions, I've noted how impressive her resume is, having done excellent work on different scales and in different fields.

As a creative, Beth also shines, having shown excellent critical acuity as an editor, as well as producing some fine work of her own. Her commitment to showcasing excellent writing has been an asset to Flash, and I can easily see her bringing the same motivation and inspiration to any publisher's office.

Really amazing poetry, fun to read, interesting concepts and exploratory.

Leah Burns, MA English Literature at Lancaster University

Tom Burgess

Reporter at Bournemouth News and Picture Service

Beth's ability to write the most eye-catching and entertaining pieces is unparalleled. Having worked with Beth for several months at SCAN I've thoroughly enjoyed having such a talented editor alongside me. 

I've been particularly impressed by the way she manages to deal with her own articles and is always ready to help other sections by writing a piece in theirs. Beth has made sure that I've not left an editorial meeting without having a good laugh! I think that Beth would be an excellent addition to any team.

Tobias Max Kafula

Racial and Ethnic Minority Students Officer at Lancaster University Students' Union (2020-22)

I worked with Elizabeth on the Black History Month Issue of SCAN. 

Elizabeth is one of the most hard-working journalists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her dedication, passion and resolve are unmatched. I really enjoyed working with her and I cannot fault her drive!

Incredibly ambitious, hardworking and collected.

Benji Holmes, Executive Editor of Flash Literary Journal

Theo Hunt

Station Manager at 87.7 Bailrigg FM (2020-21)

Beth is an extremely hard-working writer and journalist. She acts on her own initiative to craft creative pieces that are relevant to her audiences, as well as being entertaining and thought-provoking to boot. 

She is intellectually curious and excellent at taking up new opportunities. 

Any employer looking for commitment and quality would do well to have Beth on their team.

Elizabeth is an extremely dedicated journalist, willing to delve deep to find the story she wants to tell.

Noah Katz, Head of Speech at Bailrigg FM

Erin Wilson

Editor-in-Chief at SCAN: Student Comment and News (2020-21), Student Recruitment Assistant at Lancaster University

Beth has been an excellent writer and editor in her position as Comment Editor for SCAN. She not only contributes to making the paper better overall but works to make her section a must-read with interesting and progressive articles. 

She has shown talent across several multi-media platforms making her a very talented student journalist.

She always contributed really amazing article ideas to the team and was a reliable and engaging writer. I think Beth has a really good knack for what makes a good story.

Tamara Krivskaya, Section Editor at SCAN (2019-20)

Ruth-Anne Walbank

Editor-in-Chief at SCAN: Student Comment and News (2019-20), Research Associate at St. Mary's University

Beth wrote for SCAN, the student newspaper at Lancaster University, while I was editor in 2019-2020. Her work was always a pleasure to read, submitted on time and took little to no proofreading, which made my job as editor straightforwards! 

She always expresses her opinions with strength and conviction in her work; I would highly recommend her as a writer and journalist.

Angus Warrender

PR Manager at 87.7 Bailrigg FM (2019-20)

I helped out on Beth's first Bailrigg FM show, and she was more professional in that hour than I was in my three years at the station. Whilst she didn't work directly with me as PR Manager, Beth's work in Bailrigg's News Team and SCAN was always standout. 

She's a confident broadcaster, an adept news journalist and a perceptive writer.

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