Nominated: 2021 Pushcart Prize for Poetry

The Pushcart Prize 2021, nominated by Liquid Imagination for 'they'll hear me sing'.

Finalist: 2021 Perito Prize for Short Stories

The Perito Prize 2021, longlisted for 'The Unplace'.

Shortlisted: 2021 Poet of the Year

Published in the 2021 Poet of the Year Anthology.

Canterbury Festival

Shortlisted: Young Poet 2021

Invited to the Wells Poetry Festival to read, 'Daughter'.

Wells Poetry Festival

Best Submission: Young Poets Competition 2021

Published in the Young Poets Anthology.

Stratford Literary Festival

Highly Commended: 2021 Erbacce Prize for Poetry

Published in Journal #67.

The Erbacce Press

Winner: Artist's Choice Ekphrastic Challenge

“I loved this poem because it talks so beautifully about voice and its various contradictions, language and translations and everything that gets lost in between. There are several memorable lines in this poem, but my favourite was its end: ‘I feel like a woman’s words in a man’s book. There, but in his voice.’ I think that these lines themselves encapsulate the whole painting.”

Neena Sethia, artist of Rattle's May 2021 Ekphrastic Challenge, for 'Gods, monsters, and complex PTSD'.

Winner: Short Form Poetry Contest 2021

Published in the upcoming 2021 LLA Anthology.

Literary Lancashire Award 2021

Shortlisted: Beyond Writing Inspirational Women 2019

"This piece by Elizabeth Train-Brown was shortlisted in Round I: Inspirational Women, chronicling the Crucifixion as told through Mary’s story. The competition’s judge, Jean Rafferty of Dove Tales, described the piece as direct and touching, compelling enough to move even non-believers.

"Her second, shorter poem, We’re the ones they fear in the dark, could just as easily have sat on our shortlist."

Beyond Borders Scotland 2019

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